BBC America’s Gritty New Clone Drama Premieres Tonight

As excited as I am for the return of Doctor Who, my curiosity has been piqued by the debut of another BBC America series: Orphan Black. The series tells the story of Sarah – a woman who sees her clone commit suicide (check out the brutal clip below). What does one do in such a situation? Steal said clone’s identity, of course.

My fingers are crossed for what will hopefully be a show about a strong, complex female protagonist. Charlie Jane Anders over at io9 has described Orphan Black as a “show about terrible people, who have almost no moral compass whatsoever” and says that “by the time you get to the hints about a vast conspiracy and a ton of clones who look like Sarah and Beth, you’ll already be on board for the characters alone.” As Charlie Jane Anders is awesome, her endorsement is good enough for me!

I can’t wait to check it out and post a review on the blog. I am particularly intrigued by this clone/twin trope that seems to be making the leap from the CW/ABC Family shows to more adult-targeted programming. What is it about the twin switch trope that so catches the viewing audience’s interest? Why is it so popular now? And will the set-up transition well to a more adult show from series like The Lying Game, Vampire Diaries, and The Ringer? I shall keep you updated.

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