ATX Television Festival: Initial Thoughts

Right now, I am at the ATX Television Festival. That’s right: an entire festival devoted to the practice of creating and consuming television. As a television blogger, fan, and lifelong devotee, I spend a lot of time around people whose passion for the medium is less so than my own. That’s OK. My sister’s really into farming, while I only recently discovered that Brussels sprouts are grown on stalks. I can still take delight from her delight, but it’s not the same thing. I don’t want to spend hours talking about seeds.

Badge-equipped at the ATX Television Festival!
Badge-equipped at the ATX Television Festival!

The larger issue is that I spend a lot of time surrounded by people who, even if they consume copious amounts of it, believe television is a mindless waste of time. They feel guilty for watching it. They even indulge in that guilt. I could not feel more differently. I think they must be doing it wrong. Because, for me, television is about engagement and conversation and, with the blossoming of fandom that has come with the Age of the Internet, it is about community. That’s how, upon immediately having opened up my ATX Festival Guide, I knew I had come to the right place. The booklet happened to fall open to a letter from the director of the state’s film commission that began: “Television is about community, and your being here demonstrates that fact.” I think I’ve found my people.

Here is a list of the sessions I am particularly excited about attending this weekend:

  • Everwood Reunion Panel
  • Fargo Panel
  • Legends Premiere
  • The Strain Premiere
  • Orphan Black Panel (!!!)
  • Revenge Panel
  • Roswell Panel
  • Ratings, Recap, Reviews
  • Reboot Remake, Reimagine, and Adapt
  • It’s All So Dramatic: Evolution of the TV Drama
  • Pitch Competition

Note: There is no way I will be able to make it to all of these sessions, some of which happen at the same time. This is my Hermione-Granger-with-a-time-turner wish list.

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